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V/A: Life Recorder Vol. 2 60 min. VHS

$10.00 / Sold Out

Second VHS compilation of live sets captured in Michigan during Summer 2017. All recorded to Hi8 and edited to VHS. 60 minutes of
excerpts from sets by: Anla Courtis/John Olson/Cyrus Pireh, Thom Elliott, Tyler Hicks, Viki, Devotional, Vullmoxx, Church Shuttle, Sick Llama, Little Princess, and Charlie Draheim.
Edition of 27 numbered copies, dubbed 1:1 in SP mode on Fuji T-60 tapes. NTSC only.

All orders come with a DVDr copy of last year's Life Recorder Vol. 1 which featured 30 minutes of excerpts of sets from:
Skin Graft, Shades, C.R. Odette, Noise Nomads, Lidless Eye, Jessie & The Eels, Nobody's Children, Crode, Cruudeuces, Crib Breath, 1%er, and Dog Lady Island.