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Thom Elliott - Early Tapes 1994-2004 C60 cassette


EL-050/Pt-48: Early recordings from Thom Elliott (Pleasuredome Tapes, countless projects) recorded from adolescence into early adulthood as a response to the darker/more experimental elements of industrial music at the time and left to decompose. Edition of 30 copies, color covers. Co-release with Pleasuredome Tapes.

From the artist:
"This album curated by Knox (after being compiled from tens of tapes untouched in many cases for 20 odd years) covers material I recorded myself or with my brother and main musical collaborator at the time, from the ages of 14 (?) to around 23. In an area of Michigan and time where noise musick did not exist that we knew of, we were experimenting with tape recorders, cheap synthesizers, a Casio CZ-1000 friends of my parents won in a church raffle, rock instruments, radios, early CD players, drum machines, field recording, loops etc. These tapes were never meant for release, never circulated to anyone but each other, heard outside my teenage bedroom for the first time. Much of it is a collection very crude sounds, radio, audio collage etc, but in digging through the archive Knox found a well recorded synthesizer piece which sounds remarkably like my contemporary work, and the single surviving example of my Rozz Williams' inspired teenage spoken word synth work which ends the tape. Thanks to Knox for giving me the archival treatment and assembling this tape."