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Shame, Exposure: - Bleeding Out LP/bonus CD (S/M Operations)

by Shame, Exposure:

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SHAME, EXPOSURE: - "Bleeding Out" LP (SM-07 / EL-041)

Unreleased recordings from the short lived and under-documented early industrial project Shame, Exposure:. Recorded in the early months of 1982 into mid 1983 in Port Huron, MI and originally/loosely planned for an LP sometime in 1984, these recordings have sat unmixed and unheard for nearly 40 years on the original 4 track reels after Paul Steinborn, preoccupied with work obligations, left them and the project behind after his last show in July of 1984.
Re-discovered in 2019 by the engineer, these tapes shed further light into the focused and intense work of the artist, whose previously known recording history amounted to about an hour of material between one cassette and two compilations.
Edition of 300 copies with bonus CDr of material that couldn't fit on the LP, including a rough cassette mixdown of a 1981 piece by Hate/Grey, the prior industrial unit Paul was a member of (proper mixdowns of their recorded material to be released later).
Art direction by Lon C. Diehl in the spirit of the S,E: "Biohazard/Isolation" cassette, with unseen imagery of the period.

Digital version available at https://easylisteningmi.bandcamp.com/album/bleeding-out

More from Lon Diehl:
"Rob Corbin recorded many sessions for Paul Steinborn (as S,E:) in 1982-83 at RCS, Rob's studio in Port Huron, Michigan. When we tracked Mr. Corbin down a couple of years ago he informed us that he still had possession of the original recordings and kindly supplied them. After Knox Mitchell heard these tapes, he approached Paul Steinborn about a possible release. With guidance from Mr. Steinborn, Knox mixed down the multitracks, and the resultant recordings were sent to genius engineer Michael Rozon (Dais reissue of Hunting Lodge WILL LP, among many notable others) who mastered this for release on vinyl.
Knox suggested the project as the 2nd S/M Operations / Easy Listening LP release, and through sheer force of WILL made this a reality. We now have these LP's in hand, for release Day 339, 2020."