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Problem + Hate/Grey - 1981-1982 CD


Previously lost recordings from Port Huron, Michigan industrial outfit Problem (later known as Hate/Grey), featuring future members of Hunting Lodge, Secret Chiefs, and Shame, Exposure:.
Long forgotten because of their lack of recordings available to the public, Problem & Hate/Grey were one of the first industrial bands in Michigan, if not the US. Forming in 1980 and lasting for less than a year, they were mostly known by their intense live presence, once described as "Antonin Artaud's Theater of the Absurd in pure sound".
After disbanding in 1982 the project was completely abandoned by all members, with recordings being rumored to be (and likely to have been) destroyed not long after being made. Between 2009 and 2019 several mixdowns, master reels, and a live recordings were unearthed.

Fully packaged silver CD with 12 page booklet featuring previously unseen photos, documentation, and extensive historical notes. Edition of 160 copies.

Digital version available at https://easylisteningmi.bandcamp.com/album/1981-1982