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Matchez - Machines CDr (pro-pressed)

by Matchez


Truly proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the first new MATCHEZ material in over two decades.

With a near lifetime of work dating back to late 60s Motown, Matchez had an early interest both playing and recording, developing into a skilled multi-instrumentalist and engineer over his 50+ year journey in music.
In late 1978, Matchez began his R.A.T. Brothers recording studio, recording his own projects, as well as others bands, at the same location in Detroit for nearly three decades.
Producing and releasing several highly sought-after albums and singles between the 1970s and 1990s, sometimes accompanied by his brother Nicodemus (a storied character in his own right), time and history have come to show Matchez as a true original with a cemented place in the American underground.

Always a fairly private artist, Matchez went into deep seclusion for over a decade after he was forced to re-locate his studio, as well as losing the battle of keeping an analog studio alive in the burgeoning age of digital recording (among other setbacks all worthy of their own stories).
Though he never truly stopped recording - adapting to new technology when he could acquire it - he publicly released no music whatsoever after 2001, save for a single track hosted on MySpace in the late 2000’s of a short-lived duo dubbed Matchez & Acid.

Now with an updated R.A.T. Brothers studio, MATCHEZ is back working at a feverish pace. These five tracks are selections from many hours of material recorded 2020-2023 which showcase a very electronic, experimental side of his music, and exemplify his refined, unique production capabilities.

Look out for the release of the fourth volume in his “Out” anthology, as well as copies to be available of the third volume “Out”, and a CD reissue of his two limited solo cassettes from 1994 and 1998 – “Out Of The Gutter & Slightly On Tilt “ and “Out Of The Gutter The New Adventure”.

Edition of 100 copies, fully packaged in jewel case.

Listen to "The Rise Of Peter":