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V/A - Arcane Ritual Complex C90 cassette


EL-083: The latest yearly compilation from the Easy Listening Corporation. Featuring all unreleased tracks from:
Rolaid Alpo Cola (Lon C. Diehl of Hunting Lodge), Bob Kupi and John C. Hoppe (of Visceral Response), Pink Chunk Jazz Band (one-off live trio lineup), P.U.L.E. (ft. Roi of Slaughterhouse), Grey Tissue (first new material since the mid 1980s), Melting Coffins (Max J. Eastman + Knox Mitchell) Spider Tombs (Geoff Walker + LoopLetcher), Thom Elliott, a special piece circa 1975 from multi-disciplined Detroit artist T.M Caldwell, and many more. Edition of 60 copies, lino-cut cover design by Geoff Walker.