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Andrew Coltrane - You'll Be My Slave: 1996-2006 6xCDr + 32 page zine

by Andrew Coltrane


(GREEN RECORDS AND TAPES) GR322: Unreleased early recordings unearthed from deep in the Hermitage Tapes archives.
Fine examples of the many styles perfected by AC in his nearly 30 years of sound exploration.
Culled from 400+ unheard tapes and CDs, these discs compile the best of countless hours of both finely-tuned
composition and imaginative homemade experimentation.
Packaged with a 32 page full size color/b&w magazine with collages, sketches, and recording notes.
First 10 copies come with a small bonus zine, multiple unique inserts,and a bonus DVDr of recently discovered
early studio footage and live performances.

Stripped down digital version available along with soon to be hundereds of other recordings to be updated weekly at the new
Hermitage Tapes Bandcamp page - http://www.hermitagetapes.bandcamp.com